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Uneide Art feat. Shadowspires, the Fantasy Art and Illustration of Apis Teicher out now
Uneide Art feat. Shadowspires: The Fantasy Art and Illustration of Apis Teicher available now!

Blatah Links
Best Anime Con ever! - I am a frequent Panelist at it.
Comics I Read regularly and love. :) FINALLY updated, FEb. 2006!
My other web-comic! HAVEN:Hathaway
MAS-zine, the place for dark slash fiction
All round kick-ass Fantasy comics
Wasted Talent
Wish 3

I love the storytelling in this comic. And the art. And the creator is the coolest person ever so... definitely a must read in my opinion. If you had 3 wishes, and then you died, what would you wish for?

Insane Yeti Squirrel
Path of the Hunt

Perhaps one of the best fantasy comics out there in my opinion.

Skyfall Manga

Gorgeously drawn and a very intriguing plot thus far. Definitely one I'll keep watching.

Lovarian Adventures

If you are a DND Fan, this is a MUST. GeeJay's style is very well developed, and he puts a lot of heart into the crafting of this comic. If you have ever gamed, this is one comic that you will relate to.


Simply one of THE Best Fantasy comics out there, and full colour no less!! O.O This one simply... awes me.

Twelve Dragons

If you haven't read this kick ass Fantasy webcomic, best click on the link and head over, it's definitely worth the read! *grin* plus do check out my strips, it was fun acquainting his shapeshifter and mine. Mind you, although both are Dark fantasy the strip I drew is a bit of a spoof, so keep that in mind.


Hm. Hard to describe... 19th Century Fantasy... demons, incubus, etc... Gorgeous art style, very different from most of the stuff out there, reminds me of the old wood prints almost. The story grabs you from the get go, and the characters are simply amazing. One I follow eagerly! You should read it!!

Nine Swords

Alright, this one isn't new on my list, but I am hooked again so... bleh, I actually got off my ass and a Proper Fanart for it which then I screwed up watercoloring. Bleeeegh. Read the comic though, the characters are engaging, and the storyline is really taking off.

Visit!Piggy Hunter

If you love pigs, anime, or incredible art, this is the comic to read. Perhaps you are familiar with his fantasy comic already, Chiga and Kaput. PONJU, the creator, is also probably the nicest people you will ever meet.

Tux and Bunny

My friend Lorna's webcomic, Check it out!

Glamour Lust

Gorgeous art, engaging characters. One of the comics that I regularily check.

Hybrid Genesis
Galleries - mine and of friends and artists I admire
My Elfwood Lothlorien Gallery
Sacred Kith
Brighnasa Arts
Evey's art folder
Jenny Dolfen
Adele Sessler's Meadownheaven
Chris' Elfwood Gallery!
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Blatah takes place in a fantasy setting, and it follows the life of the main character - whom we shall know as Eggman for now - and those who for reasons of their own decide to follow him. Namely, Amanda - thrown from a roof or fallen from the sky: fact is so subjective after all; and Rai, a self-described stylish rebel monk.

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