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Background of the land

(yes a map will come. at some point... feel free to draw one ^_^))

The continent in which this will take place is basically separated in three parts by geographical barriers, i.e. an enormous river that ends on a lake, a towering mountain range and a vast desert. The three parts are distinct lands, all containing an eclectic mix of races, cultures and traditions.

Westernmost, lies Akklei. The Akkleian capital of Nyara is renowned for its arts and its research into the very essence of magic. Here there are vast academies for painting, bardic studies, sculpture, and for the studies of magic. It is also here that the Council of Magics, the ruling body that in theory bounds all -registered- magic users in the three lands. The council itself is largely human and elven, although a few other races are also present. It is presided over by Council of Ten Members, who reside anywhere they will but must journey to Nyara fort Council Matters.

Akklei itself is ruled by powerful sorceress who steers clear of Council matters. She is a devout patron of the arts and it is through her influence that both magic and the arts have made her land renowned. The population is by far well fed and taken care of, at least in the urban areas. The darker forests of Akklei have never been fully explored, and few venture far from the confines of the well-crafted cities.

Akklei it's separated from its neighbour, Taluzan by a wide river that ends in a gigantic late, the major source of water for both countries. Taluzan is a land by contrast wild, and although many races live within its confines, the harmony between them is rather rare. Wars between races or conflicting trade settlements are common, and few journey through its lands without armoured escort. The river is said to be magicked by the Queen of Akklei. which accounts for the relative peace in the western country despite its belligerent neighbour. Taluzan is largely unconcerned with the going-ons in the other two countries, and thrives on its constant wars and booming trade. Caravans often flow into it or cross into the more affluent Akklei from the eastern country of Tiden.

Elves and other races tend to disassociate themselves from the human settlements, and keep to themselves considerably more than in neighbouring Akklei, where they are very much a part of the mainstream society. There is not one ruler of Taluzan, but there is one man who rules as king over the human population, which by far out numbers any of the other races.

Tiden, the last country, is separated from a towering mountain range from the Taluzan side connecting to a vast desert on Tiden's. Trade booms here, but little is known of their people or rulers. Beyond the desert, where nomadic tribes of humans dominate, there are vast caverns and large plains, peppered with rocky outcrops. If there are races other than humans in this land, they have not crossed over to either of the other countries in recorded history.

There are also rumours of an underwater kingdom dwelling in the one lake (virtually an Ocean) known as the Underdeep, but they tend to keep mostly to themselves and have thus far shown remarkable little interest in the people of any of the dry lands. It is rumoured to be ruled by a triumvirate, formed by the heads of the Three Ruling Noble houses and known only as The Three. Other than the occasional trade, little contact has been had with them.

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