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PANTHEON! (moreto be added as the Story progresses)

Firstly, it should be noted that none of the deities in Leyva are worshipped by racial characteristics, but rather by affiliation, and that although primarily female, they are truly androgynous beings. The one exception is possibly Ximena, Goddess of Nature, who although now revered all over Leyva was primarily the originator of the Elven race, and thus favours them above all others.

Rana – Goddess of Torture and unnatural death

Hela -Goddess of Balance

Saa -Goddess of Battle

Ximena -Goddess of Nature

Marking and Soul Bonding : An explanation

In the worship of any of the Goddesses in Leyva, some form of soul-bonding usually takes place between the goddess and her most faithful… her acolytes, her priests. Over time, however, most became rather nominal connections, except for those bonded to the goddess Rana. The Goddess demanded always absolute devotion, but not one given, rather –taken. Such is the very essence of her being: her acolytes and priests came from the sacrificial victims offered by existing acolytes. Usually, it entailed drugging the victim and marking them ritually with an elaborate tattoo. Rana would then decide whether to let the victim simply be sacrificed – it he/she held little interest to the goddess- or to have them partially soul bound, in effect puppets to her will, and become acolytes which involved much more elaborate torture. In Aryck’s case, as will be explained later, the method and consequences were rather different. Because of this, in effect, Aryck’s marking of Eggman worked as a connector… a way for Rana herself to soul bind Eggman – but the ritual wasn’t finished, Eggman wasn’t consecrated to her, and so the soul binding remained incomplete. In effect, this means that Aryck and Eggman are now connect in a most intimate, intrusive way that neither can quite digest….

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Blatah takes place in a fantasy setting, and it follows the life of the main character - whom we shall know as Eggman for now - and those who for reasons of their own decide to follow him. Namely, Amanda - thrown from a roof or fallen from the sky: fact is so subjective after all; and Rai, a self-described stylish rebel monk.

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