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Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: Meetings

The very begginning of the tale, Eggman's vision. A prophet, much against his choice, the visions often come unbidden, and a lot more frequently of late. Eggman heads into town where he manages to catch a girl who either is thrown from a roof or simply fell from the sky. They are both assisted by the timely arrival of a monk, Rai, and hightail it out of the town. Rai and Eggman get around to discussing where they are headed, their conversation interrupted by Amanda, who has woken up.

Chapter 2: Shifts in Paradigms

As Amanda unabashedly decides to travel with the unlikely pair, we learn more about the people who were after her, and how Eggman and Rai skipped town with an unconscious Amanda in town. It certainly looked like she was thrown from the roof or fell trying to escape her pursuers - Eggman and Rai didn't stick around to verify her claims. The one following her summoned a construct, an amorphous blob meant to take the shape of whatever it conjures up from it's victims fears and proceed to feed on them. Seeing the construct decided both of them not to bother with diplomacy, and rather than fight they fled quickly. It was at this time that some more hints of Eggman's nature were revealed, hinting that there is more to the bard that readily apparent. After Amanda and Rai have gone to sleep and Eggman is keeping watch, he shifts wings, and keeps watch from above

Chapter 3: Shades and Visions

While keeping watch aloft, Eggman is assaulted by yet another vision, one that seems a lot more vivid and familiar than the rest. He sees both Liam and his companion Quinn in their travels in the land of Taluzan, and has a glimpse into the one who seeks them, the mage Drayton back in Akklei's capital, Nyara. This chapter marks the introduction of the above three characters. Liam and Quinn find themselves in a rather tight fight in Taluzan, accosted by a band of orcs. Although ultimately victorious, Liam falls, injured by one of the creatures. In the meantime, back in Nyara, Drayton is interrogating a prisoner, Paye, someone he believes knows the whereabouts of Liam and Quinn, who have been shielded from his scrying sphere. Not getting any answers from Paye, he decides to call in outside assistance. (

Chapter 4: Awakenings

Eggman wakes up from the vision, beginning to realize that there is a certain pattern to them… as they seem to center around an elven mage, Liam, and his companion Quinn. There are also glimpses of others, but those he cannot pinpoint clearly. The visions keep getting stronger and more severe, as does the peculiar call he has been feeling for a few weeks now. Back in Nyara, Akklei’s capital, we meet Drayton again, and are introduced to Aryck, acolyte to the Goddess Rana and currently employed by Drayton at her behest . Further south, Eggman Rai and Amanda have finally made it to the Nightgowned Frog Inn in the small town of Klean, south of Nyara. There they meet the owner and old friend of Amanda’s, Thadeus, who offers lodging for a few days in exchange for Eggman’s services as a bard. Through Thadeus we learn more about the unusual history of the inn, and a bit about its original patron, Rana.

Valkyrie, another player enters the scene. Evidently, she has been keeping tabs on Eggman for a while, and is aware both that he is plagued by visions and that he has been refusing the insistent call he has been receiving...

Chapter 5: Daydreams

We catch up with Liam and Quinn again, after having left them in Eggman’s vision. Liam is hurt, but luckily enough his companion is a healer. Quinn manages to let the stubborn elf treat him, even as they continue to place distance between themselves and the orcs they ran into. After this, we meet Oog, the gopher or sorts employed by Thadeus at the inn, and currently being made to help Eggman set up and such :menial: errands, in Oog’s opinion. Oog’s Introduction Meanwhile, Amanda is entertained by reminiscing with Thadeus, while Rai procures some pastries and is surprised by an old… friend, Serrin. Certainly the last person he’d expected to run into… Serrin’s intro Unfortunately, this is also the time that Aryck chooses this particular tavern for a brief rest on his way to tracking down Liam and Quinn in Taluzan… . While Eggman launches into a rendition of a couple of old folktales, Rana, the goddess of Unnatural Death whom Aryck serves decides to mark the bard, signalling her will to her acolyte.

Chapter 6 : Thralls

Eggman tells an important historical tale of Leyva, the land that Blatah! takes place in . In the meantime, back in Akklei’s capital Nyara, we touch base with Drayton again, who has been summoned to the Inner Sanctum of the Council of Mages to explain some rumours that have been circulating Back at the inn, Aryck proceeds to drug the trusting bard, managing to sneak him out into the stables without the other’s noticing that Eggman isn’t drunk, but drugged. Aryck then proceeds to torture Eggman, marking (see Pantheon) him in the ritualistic way of those consecrated to Rana.

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